King Malbec
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Manifesto King Malbec

We are Kings and the crown does not weigh us down.
The ground we walk on is our red carpet.
Our priority is living well every day.
We live for experiences and truth.
Time is luxury and we choose to spend it with the ones we love.
We seek to open doors and transform worlds.
Fame and money do not define us.
We measure success in happiness and relationships.
If you want our respect, do not be like the rest.
We are not afraid of change since we are the change.
Are you ready for your dreams to become reality?

The Wine King Malbec

A wine with its own swagger

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Winemakers Comments King Malbec

From the stony foothills of the Andes where the sun fills the sky over the vast landscape, a wine is born fit for royalty. Its natural birthright, King Malbec rules Mendoza; deeply red with violet hues and aromas of ripe red fruits, cassis, and peppers. Sweet on the palate, spicy, and a long finish with a unique aftertaste embodies the true spirit of Malbec from Argentina.

A natural born leader, the king is masterful and charismatic. To be a king, one must have commanding presence, knowledge, and skill to compel action. Make it happen. Be an influencer. Raise a glass with King Malbec, the magnificent one. #bemagnificient

We are all magnificent.

Technical data
Vintage 2014

Alcohol: 14.3
PH: 3.65
Total acidity: 5.32
Reductive sugar: 3.50

Alcohol: 14,3
PH: 3.65
Total acidity: 5.32
Reductive sugar: 3.50